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Unique Books

What makes the books unique?

  1. The majority of the characters are basset hounds. I attempt to stay true to the basset's personality and characteristics. In nature, they are a fun-loving and quirky breed.

  2. It's set in the middle ages. Thus, we have Princess Caroline Longear.

  3. I throw in at least one other breed in order to teach the children about different dogs. Children seem to like that, and especially so if they own a dog of that type.

  4. The names of the characters come from real rescue dogs. Their pictures are in the back of the book. Basset owners love having their dog in a book. I, always tell them their namesake may not have the personality of their dog. After all, each book needs an antagonist.

  5. Each book is a mystery, and it focuses on friendship and other relationships. Caroline always goes sniffing for a new adventure with her pals Daisy and Willow. Those two are twins, and they live at the palace where their mother works as a maid.

  6. Do you need to read all the books to understand the current one? No. They're stand-alone books. However, you don't want to miss out on any of their adventures.

  7. Would you like your book signed? Contact me at and I'll tell you the easiest way of accomplishing that.

You may purchase any book off my website - - or on Amazon. To find them quickly on Amazon, search under my full name, Anne Fifield. Please leave a review after reading. I'd love to know what you think! Thanks.

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