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End of the Story

Thought I'd skip to the end of the story.

At one point, we found him another home. He, however, bounced back to us the same day. He kept jumping up on the little son and it scared him.

We ended up keeping him, and we named him Quincy. I fell madly in love with the big brute. We hired an in-home dog trainer, Susan Blatz, who was marvelous. She brokered a peace between the two dogs, and she taught us how to take control of the pack. Finally, our home was peaceful. Unfortunately, Quincy developed a brain tumor and we had to let him cross over to the bridge just two years later. It was heartbreaking.

Tom and I cried for days. I finally told him I needed a basset to hold. One night I sat in front of the computer in the dark. I pulled up the rescue's website. Up on the screen came the sweetest, saddest face. She looked like I felt. We applied for her and adopted her a week later. We named her Karlie. I wanted to give back to the rescue, so I started volunteering. That began my life into rescue. In 2011, I co-founded Basset Rescue Across Texas (BRAT). The Dallas area needed another rescue. I told Tom BRAT was Quincy's legacy.

We've had bassets ever since.

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1 Comment

Al Scipioni
Al Scipioni
Sep 03, 2021

❤️ Heartfelt

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