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Some little girls dream about their wedding day. They fantasize about the groom, and plan the wedding down to the very last detail.

Princess Caroline is no exception. She has finally reached the age for courtship and marriage. She is over the moon about her wedding dreams coming true. Then, she learns her father, King Archie Longear of Basset Hound Kingdom, has decreed an arranged marriage. Princess Caroline will have no say in the matter. The word furious does not describe her feelings.

What will she do? Does she obey the king's decree? Or does she take matters into her own paws? If she chooses the latter, what adventures and journeys await her?

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To relax and plan her upcoming wedding, Princess Caroline wants to get away from the palace. She and her best friends, the twins, disguise themselves as peasants to take a trip to Lake Ahrooo.

Along their way, they join a pair of bickering basset hounds and a mysterious German shepherd. That's when strange things begin to happen. 

Princess Caroline must solve the mystery of Lake Ahrooo. Come along on this journey with Princess Caroline and the twins, and see what mischief they encounter this time.

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What wacky adventures await Princess Caroline this time?


A friend of the twins asks Caroline to explore Gunner’s Inn. The friend has heard rumors her Grandpa Gunner is being imprisoned in his own home. The current caretakers of the inn aren’t allowing his family, or anyone else, to see him. However, they can’t say no to the Princess. The granddaughter suspects the caretakers are also stealing from him. Missing are the exquisite and valuable jeweled swords Grandpa Gunner made by hand.


Can Caroline unearth the whereabouts and condition of

Grandpa Gunner?

​Come along on this intriguing journey and see how

Caroline and the twins solve this puzzling mystery.

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Where will Princess Caroline’s adventure take her this time?

Caroline and the twins set out on a simple mission to return a misplaced journal to Knight Theo Howler. But tracking down Theo turns out to be more complicated than they thought!

Their journey takes them all the way to St. Bernard Kingdom, where everything from the furniture to the food is giant. The plot thickens when the trio discovers Theo is missing.

Unless Caroline can solve the mystery of the missing knight, she may not make it back to Basset Hound Kingdom!

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Book Five




The royal family is away and Princess Caroline is in charge of keeping the peace in Basset Hound Kingdom. Strange crimes begin to occur and Caroline fears it may be her fault. She suspects an old enemy has returned.


To make matters worse, there seems to be a traitor in the palace! Unless Caroline figures out who she can and can't trust, the Kingdom may be in trouble.

Get books one through three in 
one volume!

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