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No Bassets in This House

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

No way! We're not getting a basset.


My miniature poodle, Sami, passed away. I grieved, then I needed another canine companion. I know that about myself. I'll always need a dog, if at all possible. I've had several different breeds and none of them twice. I often wondered if I would ever find my breed.

I went to the Internet and did a dog breed selector. I wanted a small dog, one that doesn't shed, and one that's easy to train. The first one that popped-up didn't attract me. The second one, however, grabbed me by the heart and squeezed. A Toy Manchester Terrier! That was it. I loved Doberman Pinschers, and this one was a tiny, tiny version of a Doberman. I researched the breed. Perfect!!!

I first tried to find a rescue for a Manchester. There wasn't one at that time. So, I found a breeder. I finally had a three-month-old baby named Reagan. I was over the moon.

A month or so later, I told my husband, Tom, I thought Reagan needed a playmate. Should we get another Manchester?

He didn't answer.

Uh oh.

Two days later, he came to me. "You have your dog. I'll like to have mine."

Oh! Okay!

"Well, what are you wanting?"

His facial expression told me I was in trouble. Finally, he said, "I like long-body dogs."

"Oh! A dachshund! That would be perfect! It'll be the same size as Reagan, and if we get a black and tan one, they'll be twins!"

"Well," he said slowly. "I was thinking more of a basset hound. I had one growing up, and I'd love another one."

"A basset hound?"

I went running off to the computer. It didn't take me long to research the breed.

"NO! We're not getting a basset hound," I announced loudly. "They're everything I don't want! They're big, they shed all year, and they're a challenge to train. They also slobber like a leaking faucet, and they sling drool to the chandelier. NO!"

Well, two days later Tom tells me he called a basset hound rescue in our area. There happened to be one in a nearby shelter that the rescue couldn't bring in because they were full. "We'll be saving this dog's life," he says.

He knows me well. I have a soft heart when it comes to animals and children.

"Why don't we just take a peek at him, and see what we think?"

"Okay. We need to bring Reagan with us and see if they get along." I already knew the answer to that. Big dogs scared Reagan.

"That's a good idea," he says.

Good, I thought! We're not getting a basset.

(Story to be continued.)

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